Friday, April 11, 2014

Where you charged with a DWI in New Jersey, but, you have been diagnosed with diabetes?

     Fight your NJ Driving While Intoxicated charge; you have defenses!


     Diabetes Mellitus effects the evaluation of a suspected DWI in multiple manners.  It is truly challenging to evaluate a diabetic for an alleged DWI because many of the signs of intoxication are common to both diabetes mellitus and the difficulties that arise from diabetes.

     Complications of diabetes include neurologic damage; this may negatively impact an individual’s performance on psychophysical tests.

     Consequently, the typical signs of intoxication are completely unreliable in people with this diabetes. 

     While prior victories cannot guarantee future success, you should know that the last client that I defended with diabetes that was charged with DWI got the DWI charge dismissed!

     Retaining an expert witness in this type of case is essential to obtain the best result possible.  Obtain your medical records and take them to your attorney; if you want to fight to win.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Who is the best New Jersey DWI Attorney?


So really, who is the best New Jersey DWI Lawyer?  It certainly depends on who you ask….


What makes a DWI Attorney the best?  You be the Judge!  Your experience decides.


What does your experience tell you?

What knowledge does the attorney’s blog demonstrate?

What to prior DWI clients say about that lawyer?

How well do you mesh with the attorney?


What criteria should you use?

      What does the attorney know?

      How well can you work with him or her?

      What results have they obtained?

      What do their DWI clients say about them?