Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How do you fight a DWI charge with a DRE in New Jersey?

            Were either you or someone that you know charged with a DWI in New Jersey?  Was a DRE, or Drug Recognition Expert, called to examine you?


            These cases can be beat!


            The DRE is supposed to follow a 12 step protocol.  If they do not, the result can be thrown out.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Did you review all of the discovery, including the police report with your New Jersey DWI attorney?

Last month I was in a Municipal Court in Camden County, New Jersey, representing a Doctor who received a traffic ticket.  (I got the ticket thrown out!)

While my client and I waited to appear before the Judge, I watched another lawyer allow a client to enter a guilty plea to DWI charge that was not even two months old.  I have never received all discovery on behalf of a client in a New Jersey DWI case in 60 days!  Never!  Ever!

Would I tell a client to enter a guilty plea under these circumstances?  Never!  Ever!

Fight your New Jersey DWI charge!  Retain an experienced DWI Defense Attorney today that will fight for you!

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