Most of us, I am sure, have shared the experience of hiring a lawyer. We ask our friends, our colleagues and even our family. When you have found that right lawyer you ultimately are at your level of comfort. For me, my legal problem was so defined that I was without any comfort, faith, or hope. And then enter stage left, Christopher Basner, Attorney at Law.
With tremendous gravitas and an educational pedigree to match, Mr. Basner offered me the hope that I lost, and most important, the regaining of faith that I so needed.
In May of 2013 I was driving my truck enroute to complete an errand when I was rear ended in a four vehicle accident. Being the first vehicle, the fourth vehicle accelerated at a red signal. The police were dispatched and the process of the investigation began. When all the documents were presented and the verbal questions began, I then within moments found myself being seriously questioned as to my sobriety. No alcohol was consumed at all by me on this day. As difficult as this is to write in print, I have AIDS and am engaged in contract with a well known pain management physician. I was arrested for driving while under the influence of morphine.
Mr. Basner was ever so reassuring. I knew my case was quite unique; all information that needed to be received and delivered would exchange many hands. Many discovery motions entered, many appearances in court and the looks of disdain from the prosecution and police officers. I felt horrible inside as I could not feel comfortable.
Ultimately the time came for trial. The measures of responsiveness were not favorable to me with the court as I allocuted and entered into a plea agreement. There were four charges I must write to you, the reader, and three were dismissed.
Mr.Basner offered me the decision to understand exactly where my position would lie after the plea, and, moreover, that in accepting the plea was honorable and proper.
The judicial proceedings are over and now I am comfortable. As a hospitality professional who has strived for perfection from my employees and more importantly myself, I recommend at the highest level possible Mr. Basner as your decision for the ultimate legal representation.