Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Third Offense New Jersey DWI was dismissed today in Camden County!

By thorough lawyering.
Client was technically guilty of DWI!
Just because you may be guilty, does not mean that you have to enter a plea of guilty!
            In this Gloucester Township case, 911 was called; but, the 911 caller was not the person who observed the events that lead to 911 being called!  New Jersey law requires that the caller convey an unmistakable sense of the ongoing events that give rise to a 911 call.
            If you know someone facing a New Jersey DWI charge, contact lawyer Christopher Basner, Esq., at today!

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  1. This client wrote: "He was able to get my case dismissed and has really helped me with other cases that other lawyers were not able to help me with. Other lawyers would have simply told me to plead guilty when it could have been avoided if they had done more research...."