Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Did you realize that there are substances that may interfere with breathalyzer results from the Intoxilyzer in New Jersey?

     Erroneous breath test results may be caused by multiple items such as asthma inhalers and cough drops; they may contain forms of alcohol.  Make certain that you inform your attorney if you were taking asthma medication and/or cough drops before taking a breathalyzer test; it is important to work as a team with your attorney to obtain the best result.  Also, medical records indicating a diagnosis of asthma should be obtained and sent to an Expert Witness to fight your New Jersey DWI Charge.

     Why plead guilty?  Remember; everyone who enters a plea of guilty is guilty.  Intelligently fight your New Jersey DWI Charge by contacting the law office of Christopher J. Basner PC today at (856) 745-1765.

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