Sunday, November 17, 2013

Did you know that videos or dispatch tapes could help your DWI defense?

     All New Jersey State Troopers, and many other New Jersey law enforcement officers have video cameras in their patrol vehicles.  These videos, along with videos from testing rooms, booking rooms, and other sources can be good defenses to some New Jersey DWI charges.  Videos may show that the field sobriety tests are not as bad as the officer interpreted them.  Videos may demonstrate that the driver’s speech was not muttered, slurred, or incoherent.  Videos may also evidence that the driver’s balance was not swaying or stumbling.  These are areas where an experienced New Jersey DWI defense attorney can show that the officer maintained a bias towards the driver and is not accurately testifying about the driver’s clues of intoxication.  Vehicle stops may be audibly recorded on dispatch tapes, in addition.
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