Thursday, November 7, 2013

How do lawyers lose winnable DWI cases?

          How could an attorney advise a client to plead guilty when the case could be dismissed and/or won at trial?

          I vividly recall appearing in Municipal Court recently defending my client.  I noticed a colleague and started conversing as we waited in line to speak with the prosecutor.  This attorney hung their head low and stated that there was a reason for law enforcement to stop his/her client’s vehicle, so his/her recommendation was that his/her client plead guilty.  Wow!  Remember, every one who pleads guilty is guilty!  I asked the prosecutor to set my case for trial.  Did you know that a recent New Jersey Supreme Court case mandated that the prosecutor introduce, among other things, twenty documents before a breathalyzer result can be admitted into evidence?  This is one area where attorneys can drive a client off of the road into an unnecessary guilty plea; my colleague did not even know this, but, was defending someone unarmed with this knowledge.

          If you are interested in fighting a DWI charge, or know someone who needs their license to work and pay bills, contact me today.

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